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For over 27 years, our company has provided exceptional janitorial services all across Wilmette for commercial offices, restaurants, and kitchen spaces. Our years of exposure in the business has enabled us to perfect our cleaning techniques and choose the best materials and equipment available in the industry to help us achieve wonderful results in office cleaning, restaurant cleaning, and commercial kitchen cleaning. We cater to various spaces in the local area. Whether you have a restaurant, an expansive workspace, a commercial space, or any other property that needs professional cleaning, we are the janitorial company to trust.

We follow local and federal regulations and protocols in the industry, so rest assured that our company has been fully insured since its operation. We take pride in efficient, prompt, and precise services each time. Aside from our specialized cleaning services, we also provide stripping and waxing services as requested by our client. With our excellent record of successful cleaning projects, you can trust us to give you nothing but the best restaurant cleaning services and office cleaning services in the Wilmette area. Call us!

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When it comes to janitorial services and restaurant cleaning services in the Wilmette neighborhood, our company does it best. We have been serving the community for over 20 years, giving us a fair advantage when it comes to expertise, precision, and client satisfaction.

We provide outstanding cleaning services that are hard to beat. Whether you need office cleaning for your company workspace, restaurant cleaning for your flourishing bistro, or a commercial kitchen cleaning for your culinary academy, we are the ones you should call. Our clients trust our company, not just for our high quality services, but also for our affordable rates compared with other cleaning companies in the local area. You can trust that our cleaners are thoroughly trained to be courteous, professional, and friendly at all times.

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Restaurant Cleaning

Every owner or manager knows the importance of cleanliness in their restaurant. This is where you serve countless dishes to hungry customers, so you should only keep all corners as spotless as possible. Our company provides restaurant cleaning services that will leave your restaurant sparkling clean from floor to ceiling. With our services, you can focus on creating scrumptious dishes while we take care of all the cleaning. We will give you shiny floors, dirt free tables, and fresh walls - all ready to welcome your loyal diners.

We can provide regular cleaning or deep cleaning, whichever way you prefer. For regular cleaning, we work during the night so you can open your restaurant clean and fresh the next day. With our services, everyday is a wonderful opportunity to serve your customers with great food in a pristine and tidy restaurant.

We proudly clean 17 restaurants for A La Carte Entertainment !

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Restaurant Kitchen Deep Cleaning

In every restaurant, the kitchen should be the cleanest room around. With countless plates you prepare, it is important to keep your kitchen dirt free. However, hectic schedules present difficulties in keeping track of regular cleaning sessions. This is where our company enters the picture. For thorough commercial kitchen cleaning in the Wilmette area, have no worries! We will take care of everything for you.

Our cleaners are trained well to spot even the smallest tinge of dirt. We use high quality cleaning materials and premium solutions to achieve the level of cleaning you desire. We follow kitchen protocol to meet standard sanitary regulations. We will take the labor of scrubbing, washing, and wiping away from your hands. Once the last dish has been served, our team prepares to give your restaurant kitchen some good ole scrubbing. For restaurant and kitchen janitorial services in the Wilmette neighborhood, schedule an appointment with us!

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Why Pick Our Restaurant Cleaning and Janitorial Services Wilmette?



Since we’ve been doing restaurant cleaning Wilmette for a long time, we have a special edge over other commercial cleaning Wilmette companies. We can give your business in Wilmette the best commercial cleaning services Wilmette because we have a lot of knowledge and experience.



Time is everything when you’re running a business. Our office cleaning services Wilmette are easy to schedule, so you can be sure that every part of your business will be clean when you need it to be.



It’s not much of a stretch to say that cleaning our restaurant almost pays for itself. We not only have great prices on all of our cleaning services, but we can also help you with your daily tasks.



Our skilled office cleaning Wilmette teams can work with any business because they are very flexible. We can clean kitchens, offices, bathrooms, and commercial floor space, making your business look great for your guests.


Response in Time

We know how important it is to clean your business and keep it clean every day. So, we work quickly so you’ll be ready for any business that comes your way.



We don’t just clean what needs to be cleaned; we focus on what’s most important to you. Our cleaning service can be changed to fit the needs of your business at any time.

How to Keep Your Restaurant Clean – Cleaning Services for Restaurants

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Your desk affects how much you get done, so you should always keep it neat and clean. A messy desk can slow you down, stop you from being productive, and ruin your mood. Otherwise, a clean work area keeps people from getting distracted, keeps everyone healthy and happy, and can even motivate people to work better. Kitchen upkeep is important, but if you want a deep clean, you should hire maid services for a thorough cleaning of a business kitchen.

Our restaurant cleaning services Wilmette are the best around, and your kitchen will be spotless when we’re done. For an honest restaurant cleaning Wilmette job, we clean everything, including the tiles, floors, and bathrooms. By the time we’re done with your kitchen, you’ll have a clean, tidy place to cook that’s easy on the eyes. With commercial kitchen cleaning Wilmette services from a professional cleaning crew, you can serve more customers and keep your restaurant going.

During busy times and peak hours, people need our commercial cleaning services Wilmette even more. You can be sure that our cleaning crew works quickly so they don’t get in your way. We are also keen on details. We are fast and careful, making us the perfect team to clean your industrial kitchen as your business grows. You can focus on coming up with recipes while we keep your kitchen clean and free of mess. Contact us today if you need help cleaning a restaurant.

Testimonials From Private Restaurant Cleaning & Office Cleaning Services Wilmette Customers

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I am very happy with your restaurant cleaning services in Wilmette. The cleaners always arrive and finish on time without causing any distraction in our kitchen. Your janitorial services are very recommendable because they provide the highest quality of service!

Amanda Jameson

My office tends to be chaotic every end of the day, which is why I contacted your office cleaning services in Wilmette to help me out. The cleaners arrive every day on time, and they always leave my office spotlessly clean! Thank you!

Chantal Tyrone

Your commercial kitchen cleaning company in Wilmette did such a great job at cleaning my small cafe. It made my life so easy, and it was such a pleasure working in a kitchen that’s clean in every corner. You’re such lifesavers!

Rosy Candi

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