How to quickly clean a restaurant?

How to quickly clean a restaurant?


Many spaces to clean

Cleaning is incredibly important in the foodservice industry for preventing cross-contamination and passing health inspections. It is imperative that you clean your business regularly and thoroughly. You should always remeber of the areas of customer access. They are highly important as they make the first impression on the client.

Of course there are also others many things that you should do. But with so many space to clean in a restaurant, it can be difficult to remember all of the individual cleaning tasks that you need to take care of in a very short time. To make everything clean very quick you need to be organize and make cleaning checklist which helps you with your work.

How to efficiently clean the restaurant ?

Cleanliness and sanitation must be top priority for restaurant operators. To improve the time of cleaning your restaurants, as I mentioned, you should make daily, weekly and monthly cleaning checklist. Let me show you what, for example, you should write in those checklists.

Daily checklist:

  1. Wash every surface with clean, sanitized rags
  2. Clean and sanitize restrooms
  3. Sweep and mop floors
  4. Wipe down condiment dispensers
  5. Check menus for cleanliness
  1. In a weekly cleaning list write things you do not have to make everyday like:
    1. Dust the blinds, ceiling fans, anything on the walls like picture frazes
    2. Clean table and chair legs
    3. Wipe down baseboards

In a monthly cleaning list write things that do not have to be done very often:

  1. Empty the clean freezers.
  2. Empty the ice bin, clean and sanitize
  3. Wash ceilings
  4. Check your equipment.

Thanks to those lists you do not have to be worried that anything in your restaurants will be dirty or that anyone will complain on something. You can not do everything at once because it would take you forever and thanks to your cleaning checklist everything will be done quick and efficient.



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