Deep restaurant kitchen cleaning step by step

Deep restaurant kitchen cleaning step by step

Deep kitchen cleaning one thing at time

Keeping commercial kitchen clean and hygienic isn’t an easy task. Usual suspects consist of dust, grime and recalcitrant grease but also of multitude of germs lurking in the most unexpected places. in peak season, it might be difficult to keep up with all of the commotion, so it’s good to invest in professional deep kitchen cleaning services, which deal with both mundane tidying and heavy duty scrubbing. One of the crucial steps consists of cleaning appliances and equipment. Many of them such as ovens, ranges and fryers are prone to accumulation of grease and burnt food particles thus requiring intensive scrubbing and degreasing detergents. While cleaning these places don’t forget about washing behind the hotline as removal of grime from that area minimizes fire hazard. That done, clean the cooktops and grills and replace lining foils. To facilitate the whole process, you may soak removable elements in detergent solution beforehand.

Deep cleaning of different kitchen areas

Another crucial step that has to be performed regularly is emptying and cleaning grease traps, kitchen hoods, exhausts and fans. Frequency of these tasks depends on overall volume of fuel cooking but rule of thumb says that it should take place on monthly (fast food chains), quarterly (restaurants with average turnover) or even yearly basis (seasonal businesses and such). Deep kitchen cleaning is also an appropriate moment to take care of refrigerators, checking for expired foods and thoroughly washing shelves as well as condenser coils, drain pans and tubs. That completed, you can scrub storage areas, removing all of the supplies beforehand and restocking them in an organized fashion later. Don’t forget about the sinks. Although they are wiped frequently, they may still need occasional deliming. Last but not least, clean thoroughly kitchen floors, walls and ceiling (yes, occasional splatters reach there too). Now, you only have to disinfect sinks, countertops and other work surfaces and deep cleaning is completed.

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