The 6 Signs of an effective Commercial Cleaning Company

The 6 Signs of an effective Commercial Cleaning Company

At the start of each day, you want to get straight down to business. The best way to start the day is to ensure that your restaurant is polished, cleaned, and ready for the first customers. You can avoid this added stress by contracting a company that can offer efficient restaurant cleaning services. Here are some of the signs that you can look out for, to make sure you have the hired the right team:

1. Fast response
You want to work with a company that will take you and your business seriously. Their response time to your enquiry may give you a first indication of the level of customer service you can expect.

2. Offering advice and maintenance information
You can decide whether you want to hand over all important decisions to the experts, or if you want to be involved on all levels of decision making. Regardless of how much you want to be involved, the business cleaning company should provide you with specific information and make recommendations that are in the best interest of your business. This may involve tools, materials or solutions that are tailored to your specific business requirements.

3. Spend time to understand your requirements and preferences
All businesses are unique, therefore the best commercial cleaning companies will customize their services to suit each company’s individual needs. It is a good sign if they take the time to fully understand your business and its exact requirements.

4. Environmental Care
Restaurant cleaning services that focus on using eco-friendly cleaning methods and materials will benefit your business. This way you can be sure that no harmful chemicals will be used on your restaurant floors and surfaces, creating a safer environment for your employees and customers alike.

5. Value their employees
In general, employees that are treated fairly are more productive. Employees that are treated with respect will take pride in their work and carry out their duties with enthusiasm. You will want to see a commercial cleaning company value their staff, treat them fairly and train and support them fully. This way they will uphold the company’s high cleaning standards and everyone in turn achieves success. Take note of how they talk about their staff, if they only have good things to say about them, it’s a positive sign.

6. Maintain their focus on customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction will be the driving force behind the right commercial kitchen cleaning company that you have or want to hire. You will want to be sure of this, to know that they will not take shortcuts or value quantity over quality. As an example, do they clean in a hurry and take short cuts due to over bookings and work pressure? Do they use low quality equipment? Or do they invest their time and money into ensuring that they deliver a quality service every time, regardless of other pressures and factors.

Restaurant cleaning services that exhibit the above six characteristics, are a good fit for your or any business. You need a commercial cleaning company that will be an asset to you, so take your time to find the right company. All the above-mentioned signs are what Andy’s Restaurant Cleaning stands for and values most. You can be assured of the best customer service and high-quality cleaning services. We are experts in restaurant cleaning, janitorial services, office cleaning, and post-construction cleaning. Call Andy’s Restaurant Cleaning today and let us help you clean your business the right way.

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