How often do businesses need a deep cleaning service?

How often do businesses need a deep cleaning service?

COVID-19 has changed so much about how we do business, including how often we should deep clean our office. Deep cleaning is imperative to ensure the safety of your workplace. On average, an office with light traffic may need a deep clean twice a year. However, you might want to schedule deep cleaning more often than the average because of the pandemic. A commitment to regular cleaning and deep cleaning is a concrete step you can take to protect your guests, clients, visitors, and workers.

Deep vs. Regular Cleaning

Once in a while, your workplace requires more comprehensive cleaning services to stay optimally healthy and fresh. But what is the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning?

Our deep cleaning in Chicago is a more comprehensive and time-consuming service that includes detailed and demanding cleaning tasks rarely included in regular cleaning. It includes disinfecting surfaces. Carpet stain removal, tile refinishing, ceramic, wood, or concrete floors. It also extends to part of your company’s utilities such as air ventilation and shared equipment like machines, computers, phones, and more. In comparison, regular cleaning is a regular routine task that needs to be performed daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly, which helps your workplace look clean and orderly on a surface level.

Why is it Important?

To ensure that your commercial business is immaculate, make sure to have regular cleaning and deep cleaning. The exact frequency will depend on the number of employees, guests, and your business type. In addition, many business owners in Chicago book deep cleaning services in particular circumstances.
While the routine surface of your business keeps the noticeable space look clean and beautiful daily, deep cleaning will address germs, bacteria, and viruses in your place to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Scheduling Cleaning Services

We understand the importance of keeping your commercial business clean. Make sure to schedule your regular cleaning and deep cleaning services in Chicago. Your cleaning needs will depend on your business. If you have a small office with a light amount of traffic, you need at least once or twice deep cleaning services. An office with regular traffic may need bi-annually or every month deep cleaning. Concerning the pandemic, you might want to have more deep cleaning services than usual to ensure the safety of your people.

Restaurant Cleaning, a reputable commercial cleaning company in Chicago, offers restaurant cleaning services, commercial kitchen cleaning, office cleaning, and janitorial services that keep your working environment perfectly beautiful, clean, safe, and healthy. We create a positive first impression and take pride in the support we provide to promote a healthier environment and present an image that reflects the quality of your business. Give us a call today to schedule your cleaning services.

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